Kullu Mountain Peaks

Kullu Mountain Peaks

Exploring the Peaks: The Grandeur of Hanuman Tibba (हनुमान टिब्बा)

Trekking up to the icy crown of Hanuman Tibba is an adventure that stirs the senses. As you ascend, witness panoramic landscapes that illustrate the grandeur of Himalayan vastness. From fascinating flora to diverse fauna, every element of this trek forms a part of its irresistible lure.

Deo Tibba (देओ टिब्बा): A Breathtaking Trek Among Glaciers and Alpine Meadows

Rising to a majestic height of 6001 meters, Deo Tibba is an awe-inspiring spectacle. The trek leading to its peak is adorned with glaciers, alpine meadows, and a vast array of wildlife. Venture into the wild to experience nature at its rawest and realest.

Indrasan (इंद्रासन): Scaling The Highest Peak in Kullu Valley

Resting at an astonishing 6,220 meters, Indrasan overlooks the magnificent Kullu Valley. Trekking to its peak is a journey of perseverance, strength, and resilience. But the unparalleled view from the top, of snow-covered peaks spread out as far as the eye can see, makes it all worthwhile.

Rediscovering Beauty at Shitidhar Peak (शीतलधार)

The climb to Shitidhar Peak is an exploration of hidden beauty. Its gentle inclines and lush meadows are a haven of calmness. Experience serenity at its peak, and take back memories of an enchanting journey that offers tranquillity in the lap of nature.

Makar Beh (मकर बेह): A Hidden Gem Near Rohtang Pass

Situated near the famous Rohtang Pass, Makar Beh is a splendid peak often left unexplored. As you navigate through its terrain, catch sight of daunting cliffs and panoramic sceneries that redefine magnificence. Embark on this unusual trek to uncover a gem tucked away in the snowy landscapes.

Ladakhi Peak (लड़खी पीक): Pushing Boundaries on the Road Less Traveled

A favourite among experienced trekkers, Ladakhi Peak is known for testing one’s endurance. The challenges of this trek are surmounted by its spellbinding vistas. As you climb, stretch your boundaries and push your limits against the rugged mountain terrain.

Easy Escapades: A Journey to Manali Peak (मनाली पीक)

The Manali Peak trek presents an opportunity for everyone to experience the joy of trekking, with relatively easy trails leading up to mesmerizing views. The journey to its peak is coupled with well-paved paths, dense forests, and enchanting summits. Whether you’re an experienced trekker or a beginner, rejoice in the escapade that Manali Peak offers.

Trick to remember all Peaks

“Happy Deer In Shiny Moonlight Illuminates My Lovely Mountains”

  • H: Hanuman Tibba
  • D: Deo Tibba
  • I: Indrasan
  • S: Shitidhar
  • M: Makar Beh
  • L: Ladakhi Peak
  • M: Manali Peak

Hindi Trick

“हनुमान देखता है, इंद्र की शान में, शीतल मंज़िल, मित्र बन बैठा। लड़खी मकर से मिलता है।”

  • ह (Ha): हनुमान टिब्बा (Hanuman Tibba)
  • द (Da): देओ टिब्बा (Deo Tibba)
  • इ (I): इंद्रासन (Indrasan)
  • श (Sha): शीतलधार (Shitidhar)
  • म (Ma): मकर बेह (Makar Beh)
  • ल (La): लड़खी पीक (Ladakhi Peak)
  • म (Ma): मनाली पीक (Manali Peak)